Best sunset in Dominical

Sunsets as a part of Costa Ricans life.

Kevin, an American friend, showed me a couple of pictures of sunsets he took in Playa Negra de Los Pargos, the town that we used to live in, in Costa Rica. He was about to post some pictures to Instagram and asked me for some suggestions for a caption to go along with it.  In that exact moment, the pictures didn’t particularly inspire me. However, once I started to walk back home, the inspiration struck.

I wasn’t thinking about his pictures, but rather, I was thinking about why I couldn’t come up with a good caption. Stuck, I started to think about the sunsets I had thus far experienced in Costa Rica up till then. Suddenly, something that David, my Costa Rican friend, told me a few days ago came to mind: “I have been so busy lately with my two jobs that it’s been three weeks since I have gone to watch the sunset”. When David told me this, I was shocked to realize how important sunsets are for Costa Ricans. Sunsets are part of their life.

I mean, how many times in a year do you meet your friends to watch the sunset? In Costa Rica meeting your friends for the sunset is a normal event.

It reminded me of life back in Barcelona.  How many times have I said or heard, “I haven’t gone out in a month,” or, “It’s been a year since I’ve  gone to the cinema”.  But, with regards to a lack of sunsets, I find this a much more interesting thing to feel. Not only are the sunsets in Costa Rica breathtaking, but this particular comment shows their culture’s strong connection to nature – a connection much stronger than our own.

This episode made me realize just how disconnected we are from nature in our everyday and just how necessary it is to include nature in our lives. Connection with nature means connection with ourselves as we are also a part of nature.How superficial and artificial is life when we only meet our friends to go shopping or to go to the latest fancy club? I am not here to judge: I now this happens because our life is strongly influenced by our culture. But what is more real? How authentic do we want to be? I am not the kind of person that assumes things only because I was born in a specific place. However, should we not re-connect ourselves with nature and re-discover our most basic instincts?

At the end, I think I found some inspiration for Kevin’s caption.

Date of the story: Some amazing day of August 2018 at Playa Negra.